LR-1 Autonomous, Mobile Robot











LR-1 Mobile Robot
Size 12 inches wide, 121/2 inches long, and 9 inches tall
Frame Material 6 mm thick Expanded PVC sheet
Microcontroller Parallax Javelin Stamp
Power 9.6 volts (8 AA NiCad batteries)
Sensors Devantech CMP03 Compass, 2 Sharp IR Distance Sensors, 2 bumper microswitches
Drive 2 hobby servos modified for continuous rotation

The LR-1 is the first autonomous robot I have made. I created this robot to learn more about electronics and microcontrollers. The robot is capable of navigating at random through a room, avoiding obstacles and recovering from collisions.

The robot uses two servos modified for continuous rotation as actuators. These servos work together as a differential drive for the robot. The robot's surroundings are sensed by two infrared distance sensors, a magnetic compass, and two microswitches actuated by a bumper.

The microcontroller for the robot is the Parallax Javelin Stamp. This controller has 16 digital I/O pins and can be programmed in a subset of the Java language. It has 32K of flash memory for program space. Pins can be configured as PWM outputs, UART's and, with a few discreet components D/A and A/D ports.















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